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Today’s market, your market, expects and even demands pictorially rich content in your messaging. Your Web site, your presentations, your testimonials, your personal introduction, your training, all your messages, are more powerfully and dynamically expressed when you go beyond simple text and graphics. On-line video gives you power and a potent distinction from your competitors.

With more budget constraints, strict time restrictions, and greater pressure to deliver, businesses and organizations need to re-evaluate their marketing and communication channels and costs. When you think about it, is there a more effective and cost efficient medium than on-line video?

PicturePoint On-line understands your mar-com pain. We’re not just award-winning experts in video production but we are, first and foremost, business communication veterans who know how to deliver your point with the power of pictures.


Making your point in pictures with PicturePoint On-line

No other medium expresses your message more powerfully, more engagingly more dynamically than on-line video does. Video builds community with more intimacy, immediacy, and retention like no other.

With the ease and affordability of working with PicturePoint On-line, the stage is set and ready for you. Your office, your conference room, your event, wherever, is the perfect location to record your video message.

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In national competition, PicturePoint On-line was selected the 2014 winner of the Innovations for Entrepreneurs award for technical achievement.

The program, sponsored by Comcast Business and
“Inc.” magazine recognized PicturePoint On-line as the one small business in California and among six in the nation that best leverages technology to enhance the customer and employee experience.

PicturePoint On-line’s owner, David Burckhard, received a cash award and a trip to New York City where he received one-on-one consulting with nationally recognized business experts including Robert Irvine, celebrity chef of TV’s “Restaurant:  Impossible,” Marcus Lemonis of TV’s “The Profit,” and author John Jantsch whose “Duct Tape Marketing” is considered the small business marketing bible. Jantsch was also a judge in the competition.

“I'm super jazzed that PicturePoint On-line has been selected as a

With the backdrop of the new World Trade Center tower, Comcast Business President, William Stemper, (left) presents PicturePoint On-line owner, David Burckhard, with the Innovations for Entrepreneurs award at a SOHO rooftop ceremony.

national winner,” said Burckhard. “Technology is the great enabler of people especially in a tech-heavy industry like media production. And while the tech tools allow the company to remain competitive and thrive, they are nothing without those with whom I work, both teammates and clients, who know and use the technology. This award is really about the team work and dedication of the smart people I work with and for.”

The Innovations For Entrepreneurs award glassware is a commissioned, hand-crafted piece costumed design for the Comcast Business I4E program.


PicturePoint On-line is nationally recognized for technical excellence